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Friday, February 15, 2013

Harmony Muzik Release Surprise Post-Valentine's Day EP, ACCEPTANCE SPEECH


(Washington, D.C)- Harmony Muzik releases Acceptance Speech: A Gift for Your Sidechick today as a special surprise for fans and supporters. While most artists flooded the masses with love-inspired music yesterday, capitalizing on the heartstrings of Valentine's Day, Team HM readied the MC's new EP for misguided hearts and mistresses. Inspired by last week's episode of ABC's hit television show Scandal, and the public outcry of "sidechicks" everywhere, HM delivers a clever 5-track compilation of previously released tracks and a brand new single, "Lay it Down" featuring DC's own Don Juan and DJ JButtah. 

Acceptance Speech features singles from HM's past three projects, including "Love & Prozac" featuring Laelo, off her Gen X mixtape, "No Words" featuring PRO'Verb, and "Last Night" off her debut album The Masquerade, and "First Love Freestyle" from her critically acclaimed 2012 project, Conflict of Interest

HM reunites with DJ Ykcor, her long-time Official Mixtape and Tour DJ, for this project. The duo released several mixtapes between 2010 and early 2012, including Gen X, and the Law of the Few series. In anticipation of HM’s upcoming releases, the timing was perfect to reunite the chemistry of this power team for Acceptance Speech.  DJ Ykcor fully exhibits his world-renowned mixing skills, ingeniously incorporating acceptance speech drops from Sunday’s 55th Grammy Awards ceremony while HM flexes her versatility as an artist and MC


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