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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The old DMV!

This is the second time I witnessed Lil Wayne carrying the DMV. The first time was at the Nikeboots show when he told the crowd when someone threw ice on stage "I threw bullets, not ice" and at Love he showed up 6 hours late for the show and proceeded to talk to the crowd any type of way. Damn the DMV loves him that much not to teach him a lesson? 

I remember Jay and Mobb Deep getting ran off the stage back in 93 for saying the wrong thing to the crowd. Regardless if the DMV loved them that much you wasn't going say anything to us. It's Definitely a new DMV!

*hahaha you know I had to find the cheesiest pic of Wayne.


J-$crilla of Guns-N-Butter said...

that's right. i tell artists all the time that if u can rock the dc area. u can perform anywhere. cuz back in the 80s run dmc got booed too. i seen jeru get booed and del the funky homosapien. shit i booed krs-one last week!


richmond and tidewater region will rob your ice too. see juvenile (twice), mobb deep and raekwon

note: me n one of my chickfriends robbed mobb deep of a bottle of bicardi limon at the crossraods a few years back. we gaffled em in VIP why they hit the stage. LMFAO!!

and like the scrillionaire says, "morality is defined by what u do when no one else is looking, therefore , if u listen to lil wayne alone u have no morals!"


Goadome Talk said...

We, as in the DMV definetly give this dude to much respect for disrespect in return. I personally feel as though he overrated, but thats just me.

Jenna said...

It could have something to do with all of the DMV radio stations playing Wayne CONSTANTLY! ; )


Torkaveli said...

When it became cool to kiss a man on the mouth, that was the beginning of the end.