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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wale New Era Fitted!

To celebrate hip-hop artist Wale's rising success, music magazine Urb has stepped in to create a New Era 59FIFTY cap with the fledging artist. The cap is chock full of details from the intricate shoe lace logo on the front to numerous embroideries seen on the underbill and back. The DMV touch pays homage to Wale's affiliations with DC/MD/VA. Urb is giving out a cap for each day of the week, for more details check out this link.

After a  Bitchassness "Imeem" situation that happened over the weekend I wasn't going to post but....It's about the DMV and the movement so I posted it.


Anonymous said...

What happened on imeem?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Judah what happened on Imeem?

DMV all day!

Judah a.k.a Mr. In High Demand p.k.a Recession Free! said...

When you stop commenting anonymously then I'll tell you what happened. Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Im confused Judah?
Do you know what fully happened or since its your blog you just say anything???
Because I know what happened and its was miscommunication, not bitchassness!

Judah a.k.a Mr. In High Demand p.k.a Recession Free! said...

Another Anonymous one!

KT said...

nice hat, but i wouldnt rock it!!! That's a little different from rockin a jersey with someone name on it! He should be the only one with it on.