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Monday, June 13, 2016

TLNTD releases Fall ft. Kiyah Mitchell

            Back with an upbeat tune for your listening pleasure, TLNTD presents Fall (Feat. Kiyah Mitchell); track 2 of the 3 track EP entitled "eXpectations" produced entirely by Epidemic. As a part of #TLNTDTuesdays, the artist from DC presents a tune that will quickly become an earworm for anyone who listens. The production by Epidemic is an ethereal yet, energetic continuation into the thoughts of TLNTD. The track dropped on June 7, 2016 and serves as a meditation on the current state of events in the artist’s life. The song encompasses a well-crafted and catchy chorus followed by minute long verse showcasing TLNTD’s adept lyrical ability.

            The track discusses the often neglected aspects that are a part of the journey to artistic fame. The chorus is sung by first time collaborator, Kiyah Mitchell where he discusses his pride for how far he has gone, getting high, and asking for help if he doesn’t make it. In the verse, TLNTD delves deeper into tese topics, ultimately understanding that the past cannot be changed and the importance of focusing on the future. The beat is airy while moving back and forth between an EDM inspired drum track to a half time 808 trap style beat.

            #TLNTDTuesdays will continue, look out for a new track every Tuesday!

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