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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

@MalikFerraud - "Feel Me" (Prod. DJ Black Diamond)

Recently turned 23-year old Malik Ferraud has been diligently working on his new project that will be out this Winter. We haven't announced the official title nor the release date just yet, but that information will be coming soon. "Feel Me" serves as the 2nd official single from the aforementioned project and differing from the 1st release, Malik opens the door to his life a bit more.

With "Feel Me", the passionate rhyme-spitter is encouraging his listeners to see his vision for success and join him on the journey to it. The captivating chorus where Malik sings, "I'ma keep grinding out, I'ma keep grinding out, you gotta feel me", sets the tone for Malik to deliver honest, and energetic verses depicting the chorus' message. Expect a ton of new material from Malik in the next several weeks as we are gearing up to release new songs/videos/behind the scenes footage/etc. If you have any further inquires regarding Malik, feel free to reply at any time!

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