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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Super Seniors - "Drunken Nights, Sober Thoughts"

The Super Senior is an American hip-hop group consisting of “E. Penn” (Originally Virginia Beach, VA), “Mark Myuse” (Originally from New Haven CT), and “DJ Rayvon” (Originally from Virginia Beach, VA).
The group itself was formed in Richmond, VA. All 3 of the group members attended Virginia Commonwealth University, where they met and became friends. Although each of the group members were aware of each others  interest in music, it would be a couple of years after meeting that they would decide to form the group which is now called “Super Seniors.”
Although Super Seniors is a Hip-Hop group, it is rather difficult to limit them to a certain style or genre. Their debut mixtape entitled “ Drunken Nights, Sober Thoughts,” which is set for digital release November 7th, is Hip-hop infused with many other genres, sounds and ideas, from soulful R&B runs and catchy pop-like hooks, to super lyrical rap verses and trunk rattling bass. E.Penn has a strong background in singing, Mark Myuse brings raw energy and fire, and DJ Rayvon is the high end lyricist of the trio. Each aspect blending to create a cohesive body of work.
“Drunken Nights, Sober Thoughts” takes you you on journey through the ups and downs of the average young person’s life. The Super Seniors paint a vivid picture of  parties, relationships, deceit, regret, accomplishment, ambition, rejection, acceptance and endless other experiences of the trio.


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