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Monday, July 23, 2012

CRED Magazine nominated in the "Best Media Magazine" category. 3rd Annual 2012 Urban Model Awards

CRED Magazine (www.credxtra.com), a print publication based in the Washington DC area has been nominated in "Best Media Magazine" category of the 2012 Urban Model Awards.

This will be the 3rd annual Urban Model Award show (www.urbanmodelawards.com) and its founders are based in Washington DC as well.  The event will be held on August 4th 2012 in Wash DC.

I ask that you please visit www.urbanmodelawards.com to place a vote for your favorite urban model, photographer, make up artist, mainstream magazine and when you get to the "Best Media Magazine" category; please cast your vote for CRED MAGAZINE "The Hottest Indie Music & Models Mag"

I've been working hard on CRED since 2008 when the first issue was formed; its an honor to have CRED Magazine nominated.  Of course there is more work to do.

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