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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

G-Nice new video "Live & Learn" Full HD from my upcoming mixtape 'Lobby Muzik'

Born Dec. 27, 1985 as Gregory Starks first-born to a single mother; G iz2 Nice is as about as original as they come. Born & raised in St. Mary's County in Southern Maryland; I have always had my own agenda since the days of a pre-teen. I still remember early mornings on the weekend waking up to ma and grandma playin da oldies. So I've always had a love for music I got my first rap 'tape' of my very own at 9 yrs old. I will never forget it was the single of 'Mind Playin Tricks On Me' by Scarface/Geto Boyz I learned every word in 3 days. To this date Scarface is still 1 of my favorite and most inflluential artists in the game. I represent South Shores Ent. its a family business which is everything to me. I take alot of pride in being me if u ask me keepin it real simply means being yourself. My originality comes from the oppurtunities I had as a teenager being a country boy from a small town I'm well-traveled. Music is my life from a fan and an artist perspective.

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