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Monday, May 3, 2010

"The Indie Life" Movie Premieres on Okayplayer Tuesday, DMV Premiere Event Tonight

I slid thru Sim Citys DMV "Indie Life" Premier on Friday at Heritage Square and well..........TOP NOTCH! The venue was dope as well as the turn out (which i was happy to see). The dj was on point in the lobby and the FOOD was dope.

The guest made their way into the theater not knowing what to expect from the PREMIER of the "Indie Life" Mixtape movie but...............S*** was AMAZING! PURE AMAZING!

The presentation was on point, The quality was dope and the music and storyline was REAL!

I was very impressed with the creativity he used visually and musically to create something that I have never seen before from a artist. I was also proud that a artist from the DMV put something like this together. ****Artist have to do MORE than just a mixtape and a LAME ass promo VID for their projects these days!

I can see Sim is a visionary and forward thinking.

You have a chance to see the Mixtape movie too! It premiers on www.okayplayer.com tomorrow (Tuesday).........so ENJOY.

The Movie was shot by G-Light Films and you already know their visuals are CLEAN!


SmCity's The Indie Life: Mixtape Available


SmCity x Judah: The Indie Life EP


SmCity's The Indie Life LP Available July 4th, 2010

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Anonymous said...

I heard a few good things about the movie.