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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Venting Part 1. SCUM BALL ALERT!

So I was rapping to my man (who will remain anonymous) and he said something about a studio on Georgia Ave named Listen Vision. I immediately got a little angry!!!!!!!! 

Over the years people have been coming through my studio talking about this lames. It has been reported many times that their business practices haven't been that good. I have a personal experience with the owner of the studio "DJ BOOM", he has stolen one of my beats in the past.

One of my beats was on a famous instrumental mixtape and a artist took it to listen vision to record it. A few months later I called Listen Vision to get some beats for a project i was working on and DJ BOOM sent me a CD with some beats on it and guess what.....................The beat that was on the instrumental CD and that the guy had took to Listen Vision to record was on the CD. THE SAME DAMN BEAT just some extra cuttin (DJ BOOM is famous for that bamma A$$ S***).

Needless to say I wanted to apply pressure but I was urged to let it go because of various reasons. But.........................the conversation I had with my homie yesterday just made me realize that they still doing dirty stuff over there. 


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