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Thursday, May 8, 2008


DJs, recording artists, and activists are being called on to rally in Washington DC this summer at the "Million DJ March," in an attempt to shed light on issues affecting DJs.

The three day event - which will be held on August 28 -30 - will find DJs raising their voices for better compensation, security, recognition for contributions to the music industry and an organized union for professional DJs, as they march from the Capitol Building to the Washington Monument.

DJ Green Lantern is the face of the event, while A. Shaw, a long-time sponsor of Justo's Mixtape Awards, is heading up the whole thing. "DJ's do not get fully recognized for the work they do," Shaw said in a statement. "Label and major businesses who reap the rewards of default publicity need to pay attention and give more recognition and financial compensation to DJs for the promotion they provide, without which music sales would surely suffer."

Sometimes, DJs even face legal repercussions for that promotion, a practice the rally will also address."[DJs are] often harassed and legally penalized for their promotional efforts even when those efforts have been solicited directly by the labels and artists themselves: an arrangement that is known about throughout the industry but kept 'on the low," the press release reads."I am calling upon the industry to show support for an event to unify deejays and help create future economic safety for those that have chosen this art form as a career," Shaw said.

Sponsors and attendees will be treated to artist performances, speeches by music industry leaders and founding DJs.

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