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Monday, April 28, 2014

@sp1it - Yokes (Official Music Video)

Today Maryland Poet and author of ebook, “What Is Going On,” Split decided to debut his first solo EP entitled “Jokes 2014” by releasing the leading single / bonus track from Jokes 2014 entitled 19 which features Philadelphia's own Asaad. Jokes 2014 features 11 tracks combined with 202 quotables. The stellar lyricist makes a powerful impact with his humorously packaged project, which includes production from Nascent, MP The God, Paris Artelli and more. The tape takes you through a field of real life emotions that attack modern day society in the most ridiculous approach with lines such as “lets have sex where we first met...on the Internet” or for example the song entitled “TwoShorts” where the artist immediately spits on the compression and basketball shorts combination. Jokes 2014 speaks to the people as a whole to simply say - life is fun, when you’re living. Split challenges the listener to live without frowns and tepidness. With lyrics such as “When I die I hope I meet a necrophiliac” or “Y’all bad at conversation! You rappers never say shit!” It is clear to say that Split rattles the cages of your comfort zone and breaks the mold. Check out the single "19" with Asaad here and check out the full EP below via Soundcloud.

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