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Thursday, February 6, 2014

@oozdidit - Life's Good

World Release of Life’s Good by DMV via Gambia Hip Hop Artists’ Ooz FtMalick IV

Life’s Good is the first collaboration between international Hip Hop Artists’ Ooz and Malick IV.Both artists are originally from The Gambia, but spent the majority of their adult lives living in the DMV (Ooz) and London (Malick IV). Although residing in two very different parts of the world, both artists have the same drive and determination behind their music to put on and represent for their Motherland.
Life’s Good will be the first single off of Ooz’sunreleased EP Short Days Long Night II (SDLN II),and its premiere kicks off the countdown for the release of the album. Ooz who has been a driving force in the music industry since 2004, is using this next album to shed light on the lifestyle behind hiseveryday grind to make it to the top, Short Days, Long Nights.
This singleLife’s Good, is just one chronicle into the many that Ooz shares in SDLN II and depicts the illusion around money and how differently the world perceives you when you have it. If you love this single,you will definitely want to check out the full EP SDLN II, which is scheduled for release late March of this year. You can download Life’s Good 

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