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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mixtape Release - DMV artist M.A.B. Debut Mixtape, The Canvas. Free Download


Biography: A product of a rebel and a refugee and the music reflects it. Marcus Blanco has been rapping and doing poetry since he was a kid and he's always been about making good lyrical music. From hosting his own radio show, to performing a song on Broadway, to graduating from a prestigious performing arts school in Washington, D.C., to getting accepted to Columbia College in the heart of Chicago for his own music and ambitious drive, M.A.B. Has always been about story-telling and expressing the many emotions and various mindsets of people in this generation. His biggest influences were Bob Marley and Tupac Shakur. Both honest and bold with their messages, M.A.B. has been raised to stand up for what he loves and what he believes in. He loves Hip Hop so much that he's going to change the way the world has ever viewed it. Before anything M.A.B. Is a Poet first, musician second, but loves making timeless music.

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