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Friday, July 10, 2015

@FootwerkBand - "No Hurry" video

Washington D.C.-based indie- hip hop group, FOOTWERK, announce the release of the video for their single "No Hurry" from their debut album, Casual Encounters. The release is teased by videos for singles "Open Oceans" and "Eyes Low".
Casual Encounters pays homage to the band's inception via a craigslist ad that brought the six musicians together. Lead vocalists Kyle and Melissa, share a friend-zone power couple dynamic on stage and the backline is assembled by Teddi (keys), Eric (percussion), Fern (bass) and Josh (drums) infusing their reggae, rock, latin and soul backgrounds. The concept stems from the instant gratification that the internet, texting and social networking offer. The album being built around a 'no strings attached' theory with the live show being billed as “one night stands”.
Footwerk won the DC Area Deli's Reader's Poll for 2014 with the outlet saying that, “Footwerk can't help but be hugely popular and on the cusp of breaking across the nation.” Be sure to check out the two music videos and look out for more from Footwerk coming soon.

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